About G2O Spa & Salon

Our History & Vision

Providing The Formula for the Essentials of Life, G2O is Boston's Day Spa Resort for men, women and couples.

Originally opening in 1994 as Giuliano Spa for Beauty & Wellness, G2O underwent several expansions at its first location on Newbury Street before moving into its all-new home at 278 Newbury Street in 2010.

To create G2O's present home, Founder and CEO Joyce Hampers purchased two historic Newbury Street brownstones in 2008, subsequently joining them to form one unified space. By its reopening in August of 2010, the resulting structure had been completely transformed to create a totally "green" building.

In contrast to its original location just a block away, the all-new G2O celebrates a new generation of innovative spa and salon services and amenities ranging from Brine Inhalation Therapy to the Bali Paradise Experience, Acupuncture treatments, state-of-the-art sunless tanning, a Penthouse Lounge and Terrace, a Skylight Hot Tub, a full retail shop and more.

At G2O Spa & Salon, water is acknowledged as a life force that sustains, rejuvenates and cleanses. Water, of course, is a common denominator for us all, making up 80% of the human body.

With shimmering glass tiles, white lacquered finishes and sparkling chrome accents, G2O offers a refreshing, whole body and mind experience designed to complement the contemporary urban lifestyle. Utilizing a crisp blue and white color palette, the tone throughout the building's five floors is fresh and modern.

As one of Boston's leading business women, Joyce Hampers began her journey in the spa and salon industry in 1993, lead by a desire to create "one-stop shopping" for all one's beauty needs.

At the time, no one in the Boston area was offering anything like the "one-stop" approach Joyce envisioned. Outside of resort and destination spas, there were few "day-type" establishments anywhere in the country.

Joyce remembers, "I felt certain that there were plenty of people, who, like me, would heartily embrace the time-saving convenience of 'having it all' in one place. At the time, I was not at all aware I was defining a 'day spa.'"

With a singular vision of the mind-body-spirit connection, Joyce was at the forefront of a revolution that was just beginning to sweep the country - a new way of thinking about the connection between health and beauty and fitness. Demanding lifestyles and the stress of the new workplace were forcing people into time constraints, creating a demand for "quick fixes" for health and beauty maintenance.

And so in 1994, Joyce opened Giuliano. Quickly establishing itself as "The Grande Dame" of Newbury Street, Giuliano was by far the largest and most complete spa-salon location in the area at the time and came to represent the high standards by which other spas would measure themselves.

The fresh concept was so enthusiastically embraced by clients that Giuliano was expanded in 1997 and again in 2001 to offer an even broader range of treatments. Through it all, Joyce remained vigilant in pursuing new ideas and trend-setting technology. Such that, in 2005, she once more revitalized and refocused the entire facility to create G2O Spa & Salon, which met with exceptional success.

In environmental terms, G2O's facility was created and constructed within strict guidelines pertaining to sustainability. The geothermal heating and cooling system was designed with maximum efficiency to use groundwater -- from wells drilled 1500 feet deep into the bedrock beneath Newbury Street -- to heat and cool the facility before being returned to the well below. This system uses no fossil fuel, involves no combustion and therefore eliminates CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Paints, adhesives and glues used in the construction of the facility were specifically selected for their lack of toxins. Insulation is closed foam with a high R value. Compact fluorescent and LED lights were chosen for their low energy consumption. Add the repurposing of a classic urban structure, water-efficient landscaping, a roof that reduces the "heat island" effect, incorporating recycled materials AND recycling waste materials PRIOR to their removal from the construction site, and the result is a building that exhibits a system of heightened efficiency.

Hampers says, "Being mindful of the environment should be a mandate for all businesses today. Bearing responsibly for our planet is an investment in our future. When we found we had the opportunity to repurpose two wonderful old buildings in Boston to create the new G2O, we knew we had to do it right. Our builders and designers worked diligently to make this new building the best it could be in terms of sustainability. And I was delighted to find that our staff immediately provided tremendous support and input in planning their own work areas, from issues of recycling to power consumption. In the end, we created a wonderfully efficient facility of which we can be justifiably proud."

She summarizes by saying, "From the contemporary, cutting-edge, 'green' concept of G2O to the sophistication and luxury of our services and products, we offer our guests a truly amazing spectrum of experiences, whatever their needs. Our award-winning staff remains unified and unwavering in its dedication to superior service, professionalism and client comfort in the most inviting atmosphere possible."