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The Massage Therapists

Name: Allison

In the business since: 2013

Education: Denver School of Massage Therapy

Specialties: Deep Tissue, Sports, Prenatal, Aromatherapy, and LaStone Massage, as well as Reflexology and Craniosacral Therapy. My favorite is Deep Tissue. I enjoy working with clients to address tension, chronic pain, and injury related issues.

Favorite Products: The Erbaviva Bath Salts are an awesome way to relax and unwind. The essential oils in them are a great way to receive aromatherapy along with the benefits of a salt bath. 

Favorite thing about working at G2O: How supportive and passionate my coworkers are. It is a priviledge to be part of such a talented team.

Favorite Hobby: Traveling, especially to destinations where I can snowboard or scuba dive. 


Name: Bill

In the business since: 2004

Education: Muscular Therapy Institute, Cambridge MA. Upledges Institute for Craniosacral Therapy. N.E. Institute of Reflexology. La Stone Massage.

Specialties: La Stone Therapy, Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki.

Favorite Products: Fantastic Fingers Ball is very portable, effective and inexpensive. It can really make a difference in reducing muscle tension when used consistently. Erbaviva Breathe Bath Salts smell great. I feel very relaxed and rejuvenated every time I use them. 

Favorite thing about working at G2O: Working with a dedicated, professional and caring team of managers, front desk staff and housekeeping staff, who share my passion to give clients the best possible experience.

Favorite Hobby: Hiking all of the beautiful natural areas of Massachusetts.


Name: Gidget

In the business since: 2006

Education: Graduated from Cortiva Muscular Therapy Institute, Reiki practicioner, certified yoga instructor, LaStone therapy, myofascial release technique, massage for cancer patients.

Specialties: Combination of Swedish and deep tissue suited to the client’s individual needs. Known for affective deep tissue and providing a deeply relaxing yet revitalizing massage experience. My intention is to help each client alleviate stress and physical discomfort, and to leave the session feeling transformed. 

Favorite Products: Aromatherapy oils greatly assist in soothing the nervous system and the muscles. Biofreeze is a topical analgesic that is very effective for treating sore muscles and alleviating discomfort.

Favorite thing about working at G2O: The spa has a beautiful quality atmosphere. It also has excellent skilled, warm and professional technicians. The clients are gracious and friendly.


Name: Jeff

In the business since: 2007

Education: Muscular Therapy Institute in Watertown MA. I was trained in muscular therapy myofacial, sports and deep tissue and swedish massage.

Specialties: muscular therapy

Favorite Products: Dual purpose cream because it gives me a perfect glide which gives my clients the best feel after I have completed my work.

Favorite thing about working at G2O: I love working for G2O because the comfort of the client is the highest mission.

Favorite Hobby: Service, exercising, reading, and making others feel good with a memorable massage.

Name: Jennifer

In the business since: 2007

Education: Graduated Muscular Therapy Institute's 900 hour, Benjamin Technique program.

Specialties: Adept at a result focused treatment utilizing training in the Benjamin System of muscular therapy, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Reiki Practitioner, Prenatal massage and certified in massage for cancer patients and survivors.

Favorite Products: Erbaviva Breathe Bath Salts, the blend of organic essential oils provide an anti-inflammatory and analgestic effect on achy muscles. 

Favorite thing about working at G2O: The experiencce and exciting team. I am so lucky I get to work with them!

Favorite Hobby: Playing with my two young children, going to see live music, visiting museums, spending a good night at home with my husband and a favorite movie or show. 

Name: Karla

In the business since: 2007

Education: Muscular Therapy Institute, Deep Tissue with Trigger Point Therapy, Low Back Release with Robert King.

Specialties: Deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, relaxation, hot stone (LA stone) and various body treatments.

Favorite Products: Bio Tone: because they offer quality products. Jamil is my favorite for aromatherapy.

Favorite thing about working at G2O: Co-workers and the atmosphere are the best ever!

Favorite Hobby: Being outdoors, hiking, walking and horseback riding.


Name: Krystle

In the business since: 2011

Education: The Cortiva Institute

Specialties:  I really enjoy relaxation massage and studied deep relaxation techniques. I like to consider the mind/body connection when relating to massage.

Favorite Products: Futz Balm!

Favorite thing about working at G2O: Fantastic coworkers and the wonderful atmosphere.

Favorite Hobby: Traveling, keeping active outside, experiencing massage in different parts of the world.



Name: Lucy

In the business since: 2007

Education: Muscular Therapy Institute – 900 Hour Program

Specialties: Neuro Muscular Therapy is my favorite modality for its effectiveness in addressing chronic back pain and tension type headaches. 

Favorite Products: The Fantastic Fingers Ball used against the wall to roll tension out of the upper back, shoulders and hips.

Favorite thing about working at G2O: I love being able to help people. I love being a character on someone’s journey towards health and wellness. 

Favorite Hobby: Coaching novice high school rowing

Name: Mistie

In the business since: 2004

Education: Muscular Therapy Institute, LA stone, Craniosacral, Oncology Massage.

Specialties: La stone and deeper sports massage.

Favorite Products: Arnica: great for muscle soreness, and Erbaviva Synergies. They are very versatile.

Favorite thing about working at G2O: We have wonderful people here. I enjoy working with and learning from them.

Favorite Hobby: traveling and baking

Name: Nicia

In the business since: 2005

Education: Muscular Therapy Institute- deep tissue, ceritifed in prenatal massage, hot stones, reiki, doula.

Specialties: certified in prenatal massage, reiki, therapeutic massage.

Favorite Products: jojoba oil

Favorite thing about working at G2O: relaxing environment, working with a big team.

Favorite Hobby: spending time with my baby

Name: Peggy

In the business since: 2010

Education: The Massage School, Acton, MA.

Specialties: Relaxing Swedish massage with deep tissue and trigger point work. Pre and Postnatal massage. 

Favorite Products: Essential oils for relaxation and healing. Dual Purpose creme which is great for deep tissue work and relaxing massage. 

Favorite thing about working at G2O: Connecting with clients and providing individually targeted massage.

Favorite Hobby: Dancing, working with kids, and spending time with family.

Name: Steven

In the business since: 2010

Education: The Cortiva Institute, Watertown, MA.

Specialties: Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish.

Favorite Products: Biofreeze (topical pain reliever) is a great product for treating muscle/joint pain in between massage sessions. 

Favorite thing about working at G2O: The facility s great, and having the opportunity to work with such a talented group of people committed to providing the best for our clients. 

Favorite Hobby: exercise, meditation, cooking, being active outdoors, playing and watching sports. 

Name: Valerie

In the business since: 2007

Education: Cortiva Muscular Therapy Institute, Watertown, MA. Cancer Body Massage Therapy Safety Essentials.

Specialties: s]Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Maternity massage. As well as, Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy Body Scrubs and Body Polish Treatments.

Favorite Products: Erbaviva Organice Back Rub Oil, the scent enhances relaxation in addition to the massage. 

Favorite thing about working at G2O: Location, spa atmosphere, and co-workers.

Favorite Hobby: Traveling