The Spa

Spa Exclusives

G2O is proud to offer the following product lines in our spa: Rhonda Allison, Yonka, Erbaviva, MoroccanOil, Clarisonic, NuFace.

The Experience Room

A G2O exclusive, combining herbal infused steam with a refreshing ice fog and tropical shower. The Experience Room is the setting of our exotic Bali Paradise Experience which may be enjoyed in solitude or with friends. The Experience Room accommodates up to 8 guests. For information about the Bali Paradise Experience service please click here

Brine Inhalation Therapy Relaxation Room

Inhale invigorating salt air as the serenity of the gently cascading three-tiered waterfall transports you to a deeper level of relaxation. The combination of salt and oxygen has proven highly beneficial for the respiratory system. Unwind and experience the climate of the ocean shore as you enter a state of inner tranquility.

Penthouse Roof Terrace

Stretch out and enjoy the lazy breeze as you lounge on our intimate terrace high above Newbury Street -- where the sky and spa meet. Have lunch brought in, read or relax as you take in the city view.

Skylight Hot Tub

Unwind in our Hot Tub, nestled on G2O's top floor, adjacent to our Fireside Lounge. Watch the clouds drift by during the day; gaze at the stars by night. An Incredible experience!

Steam Room

Check-in early and use our Steam Room to prepare for your spa service. Steam heat warms the muscles and prepares the body for massage or other spa services. No time before? Then stop by our Steam Room after your massage or spa service to continue the relaxation and detoxification journey.

Sunless Tanning

Achieve healthy, natural-looking results with our revolutionary sunless tanning system. Bronze, hydrate and moisturize in a mere 60 seconds. The customized, mist-free application and air blow dry technology will leave you refreshed, dry and immediately ready to re-dress. We guarantee even, streak free, flawless results.

Fireside Lounge

Relax or have light refreshments brought in to our charming Fireside Lounge. This is the ideal location for your private party.

Private Locker Rooms

G2O provides private, well-appointed luxurious Locker Rooms for Men and Women.