Introducing our newest facial for complexion brightening and targeted spot care!

Hyperpigmentation Facial 

60 min  $145 Lightens and brightens your skin without chemicals. Evens skin tone and combats pigmentation imperfections caused by acne, aging, hormonal changes or sun exposure. Good for all skin types.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment

35 min  $125 A shortened version of our same-name facial, without massage or finishing mask. Also sold in a package of 3 treatments for $255 ($120 savings).

For best results the hyperpigmentation services are most effective when received in a series of treatments and combined with specific homecare products. 


G2O Custom Signature Facial

90 min $175 Our most complete and personalized facial is the best option for first time clients.

Microdermabrasion Facial

90 min $185 Remove dry skin and let your skin glow. Treats appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, age spots, pigmentation imbalances and sun damage.

Acne Solution Facial

90 min $175 Our highly specialized, therapeutic treatment for problem skin.

120 min $270 With Acne LED Light

Age Defying Facial

90 min $185 Lift, strengthen and tone the skin. Includes energy points, relaxing massage and lymphatic drainage. 

Men's Conditioning Facial

60 min $145 Our signature men's facial is tailored to men's specific skin care needs and includes pore cleansing.

Deep Hydration Facial

60 min $145 This deeply penetrating facial revives the most dehydrated complexions with a palette of moisturizing products.

90 min $240 With Photoaging LED Light

Facial Essential

60 min $145 We customize your facial to your individual skin concerns such as anti-aging, acne, pigmentation or redness.

Teen Facial

50 min $125 Our specialized treatment addresses teen skin care needs including an exfoliation and pore cleansing.

Back Facial

60 min $145 This treatment addresses acne concerns and removes impurities from the back and upper shoulders.

Red Carpet Eye Facial

35 min $125  Reduces puffiness and brightens the eye area. Immediate results.


Facial Add-Ons

LED Light Treatment     $95

Microdermabrasion        $95

Eye Treatment             $85

Glycolic Treatment        $35

Foot Treatment            $20

Scalp Massage             $15


Skin Treatments


35 min $135 Evenly and safely exfoliates the skin without chemicals or lasers.


35 min  $125 Complexion brightening and targeted spot care. 

Pumpkin Peptide Polish

35 min $125  Targets anti-aging challenges. Helps to exfoliate skin cells; provide antioxidant support;  and stimulate collagen activity, leaving skin feeling smooth and looking bright. Great for all skin types.

Hibiscus Radiant Skin

35 min $125  Great for all skin types. Stimulates collagen activity, balances excess oil and provides anti-oxidant support for radiant skin.

Soothing Facial

35 min $125  The natural healing elements of papaya and aloe vera help to aid in skin repair and reduce skin irritations. Great for all skin types including those going through chemotherapy.

Advanced Skin Treatment

45 min $155  Brighten, clarify, firm and soften the skin without surgery or prescription medicines. Consultation is required before scheduling. Best results in a series of treatments.



Advanced Technology Treatments

Our unique skin rejuvenation devices use a combination of technologies to address an array of skin conditions. These non-invasive treatments are great for all skin types, all pigmentations and all ages. You can immediately return to your normal routine with no redness or peeling. Results are natural-looking and most clients see immediate results after one treatment!  With a series of treatments, improvement to the skin can be quite dramatic. No pain, no trauma or damage to the skin, no down time and no inconvenience! Consultation is required before scheduling.

Non-Surgical Facelift

60 min             $195

Series of 6        Buy 5, get 1 free

This treatment provides a true, non-surgical facial rejuvenation! Our device uses five technologies and provides the optimum treatment in a fraction of the time. Delivers outstanding results: tones and lifts the skin and muscles of the face and clearly redefines the facial contour. A series of corrective treatments will take years off the appearance of your skin and will leave you with firmer, younger looking skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

                  Add on LED Light Treatment                                                      $95

LED Lift Treatment

45 min             $195

Series of 6        Buy 5, get 1 free

You get two for one in this treatment! LED improves the overall appearance of the skin (softens wrinkles; reduces pore size; and improves skin texture) while microcurrent tones the muscles just like “yoga for the face”. The simultaneous use of these two technologies combines for an overall skin rejuvenation treatment. The use of ultrasound at the finish helps to enhance the penetration of product and increase product effectiveness.

                Add on Neck Treatment                                                               $50

                Add on LED Light Treatment                                                        $95

LED Light Treatment

45 min             $175

Series of 6        Buy 5, get 1 free

The use of LED targets common skin problems such as blemishes, redness and uneven pigmentation; and helps to improve the appearance of skin for the face, neck, chest, hands or back. Our device has specific programs to reduce the appearance of acne, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone; and to sooth and reduce the appearance of redness. OK for pregnancy.


Not for guests who are pregnant, have epilepsy, those with pacemakers, metallic implants on the treatment site (dental implants are OK), AIDS/HIV, cancer, insulin dependent diabetics, inflammation (dermatitis), recent surgery, open wounds or infections, those taking photo sensitive drugs (must be off Accutane for 6 months), or those with sensitivity to light. It is also recommended that you wait 6 - 8 weeks after receiving Botox and filler injections.