Hair Removal & Tinting


We use honey wax and 100% muslin strips for removal. We also offer 100% organic sugar wax for face and sensitive areas, and pellon strips for removal. If you have a preference, please notify us at the time of booking. 

Eyebrow Tweezing $35

Eyebrow $30

Lip or Chin $20

Sideburns $20

Full Face $60

Full Arm $55

Half Arm $35

Hand $25

Neck $15

Chest $55

Back $65

Underarm $25

Abdomen $25

Bikini $40

High Line Bikini $60

Brazilian Bikini $90

Full Leg $75

Half Leg $45

Foot $25

Full Leg with Bikini $105

Half Leg with Bikini $75

You must wait four weeks from shaving or until the hair is at least ¼”, to receive waxing service. Waxing is not for those taking medications, oral or topical, which thin the skin or make it more sensitive, such as Acutane, Altinac, Azelix, Differin, Retin-A, Retin-A Micro and Tazorac.


Eyebrow Threading   $25

Lip or Chin Threading   $20

Full Face Threading  $60

Sideburn Threading  $20


Eyelash and Brow Tinting

We use a safe, effective vegetable-based dye that instantly adds definition to the eyes.  Great option for those with a busy lifestyle or those that want a more finished look without mascara or brow pencil.  The results will last up to one month with proper care. Safe for everyone including expectant moms! Contact wearers need to remove contacts. Schedule your appointment and enjoy a care-free, polished look 24/7!


Eyelash Tinting  $50

Brow Tinting       $40