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COVID-19 INFORMATION: Effective 7.6.2021 As the Governor has lifted all Covid Restrictions and we all find our new normal, as a company we have taken this transition very seriously with the main goal being to ensure our clients continue to feel safe during their G2O experience. With that being said, we have updated our policies to both accommodate our fully functioning business + the best interest of our clients and our staff. As a company, we will not ask our clients to disclose their vaccination status. We ask that our clients also respect our employees personal and private health choices while inside our facility. G2O will continue to be a place to refresh, renew, relax, cater to + encourage your beauty and wellness goals. We are excited to get back to normal and we look forward to seeing your smiling faces soon. Please read below for all updated safety policies, precautions + service rules. SAFETY + PRECAUTIONS: In addition to our usual high standards of maintaining a clean environment, we have updated our procedures for cleaning and sanitation to ensure the safety of our spa + salon. We have also installed commercial quality grade Stinger Ultraviolet lights throughout our HVAC system. These UV lights destroy mold, bacteria, allergens, and more importantly air-born transmitted diseases and viruses. GENERAL RULES All non-vaccinated clients must arrive wearing a mask, if they do not have one, one will be provided for them. Masks must remain on unless the treatment does not allow for mask wearing. Fully vaccinated clients will no longer be required wear a mask. However, for those who feel more comfortable wearing a mask, we are happy to provide you with one upon arrival. The same rules apply for our G2O team members, non-vaccinated and/or those who just feel more comfortable wearing a mask, will continue to wear masks while they service our clients. If you must bring a guest with you to your appointment, they must wait in the lobby waiting area only. They cannot enter or wait in the salon or spa. Hand sanitizer will remain throughout the building. SALON All Salon Team members have been Barbicide + Barbicide Covid-19 certified. Dividers will remain in between shampoo chairs. Hand sanitizer has been placed throughout salon. We have upgraded our OSHA approved Tool disinfectant. For those clients who do not feel comfortable in the open salon, the private room is available for booking. *Must be requested at time of booking. SPA Acrylic dividers will remain in the nail department for services and drying. Our Salt Cave bookings will be for vaccinated clients only, as this is a shared service accommodating 8 clients at a time, and one cannot reap the benefits of the therapy with a mask on. Our Sauna + Steam Rooms will be accessible to vaccinated clients only, as this is an amenity that does not accommodate mask wearing. GUEST RELATIONS Check out options: Apple Pay, Self-Pay via text/email, or we will charge the credit card on file. Gratuities: Venmo is encouraged and recommended for gratuities. Receipts: Will be sent via email, paper receipts are available upon request. WELCOME BACK Our Fireside Lounge + Relaxation Lounge are now open. The Experience Room and its services are now available for booking. This includes the Bali Revitalizing Ritual, Rasul Detoxifying Ritual + Aromatherapy Group Steam. Refreshments + snacks are now available in the Salon, Fireside Lounge + 5th Floor outside of the Relaxation Lounge.

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the formula for the essentials of life
Spaliday '21
This year Spaliday will take place all day on Thursday, December 2nd. Click here for details more
Got the Time
With Christmas and New Years falling on Saturdays this year, we want to make sure we're able to fit all your appointments in before the holidays.  more
New Hours
As of November 1st, we are changing our hours in an effort to provide better work-life balance for our G2O team. Please keep these hours in mind when booking your future appointments. For those who need later appointments, our late night hours now fall on Thursdays only. 
So Metal
The Metal Detox removes metal from the hair resulting in brighter and cleaner hair color. more
Let There
be Light
Light Therapy for Body applies LED light energy to the body to obtain therapeutic benefits. With a wide range of benefits, Light Therapy treats skin, muscle, joint and pain conditions anywhere on the body; and repairs and revitalizes aged, injured, or diseased cells. more


Swedish Massage

Soothing, gliding, and kneading strokes promote muscle relaxation, increase circulation and reduce stress. Pressure is adjusted based on client preference.
60 minutes   $145
90 minutes   $195

Deep Tissue Massage

Specific, therapeutic massage techniques are utilized to ease and relieve chronic muscular tension and discomfort. Pressure is adjusted based on client preference.
60 minutes   $145
90 minutes   $195

CBD Massage

CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound primarily found in the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant and has no narcotic effects. Our CBD-infused therapeutic massage helps to reduce joint and muscle pain while promoting relaxation. Best massage for anyone dealing with pain management issues and inflammation of any kind in the body.
60 minutes   185
90 minutes   235

Aromatherapy Massage

Full body massage using one of four aromatherapy oil blends of your choice:

Select your favorite from the choices below:
Tiare Flower/Jasmine
Mandarin/Sweet Orange
60 minutes   $175
90 minutes   $225

LaStone Therapy

Warm basalt stones and cool marble stones are used in combination to ease chronic tension, promote relaxation and balance the body’s energy.
60 minutes   $175
90 minutes   $225

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Warmed, hand-carved Himalayan salt stones used in combination with Swedish massage techniques create a highly relaxing and remineralizing body massage. The warmed salt stones produce negative ions which balance the energy of the body for a sense calm and balance. The salt replenishes depleted cells with minerals, leaving the skin revitalized and the body in a deep sense of relaxation.
60 minutes   $175

Sports Massage

Focusing on muscle groups involved in particular sports related activities, therapeutic massage techniques are applied to relieve tension, ease chronic discomfort and improve flexibility.
60 minutes   $145
90 minutes   $195

Maternity Massage*

Our specially trained therapists use techniques to reduce edema, ease back aches and muscular discomfort and relieve exhaustion during pregnancy.

*May only be booked after the first trimester.
60 minutes   $155
90 minutes   $205

Couples Massage

Choose from our Menu of Massage offerings.

Targeted Massage

Choose one of our targeted massage treatments to alleviate tired, sore or overworked muscles. Choose from the following: · Neck, Shoulder and Back · Legs and Feet · Arms and Hands
30 minutes   $105
30 minutes CBD   $145

Massage Add-ons


Face and Scalp Massage
15 minutes   $35

Body Treatments

Aromatherapy Body Indulgence

This exquisite service includes a full body aromatherapy-infused body exfoliation, followed by a Swiss shower experience and ending with a full body massage. Exfoliates, relaxes the body and rejuvenates the senses.

Select your favorite from the choices below:
Tiare Flower/Jasmine
Mandarin/Sweet Orange
90 minutes   $225

Aromatherapy Body Scrub

The service begins with a full body exfoliation using either a salt or sugar scrub; followed by a Swiss shower; and ending with a full body hydrating product application.

Select your favorite from the choices below:
Tiare Flower/Jasmine
Mandarin/Sweet Orange
45 minutes   $145

Himalayan Salt Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate with a Himalayan salt exfoliation, Swiss shower experience, and sedating massage incorporating warm Himalayan salt stones. Himalayan salt contains 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts to nourish and replenish the body. This naturally detoxifying salt purifies, restores energy levels and remineralizes the body.
90 minutes   $225

Hydrating Body Treatment

This body treatment starts with a gentle exfoliation, followed by a therapeutic Swiss shower. An application of shea butter helps to soften the skin and provide long-lasting moisture. Wrap and relax while you hydrate! You will feel instantly refreshed and rejuvenated!
60 minutes   $175

Body Contour Slimming Wrap

This body treatment helps with overall appearance. The primary ingredients in our body wellness creams are kawa-kawa and climbing ivy which combat water and fat retention. This treatment includes lymphatic drainage which helps to improve circulation, increase metabolism, alleviate body aches and fatigue, and reduce fluid retention. Finished with a remineralizing, detoxifying sea mud body mask, then you will be wrapped while the products penetrate into your skin. A shower in our therapeutic Swiss shower and an application of our body wellness cream to help firm the skin finishes the treatment. You will feel lighter with a more balanced body and mind!
90 minutes   $225

Body Lymphatic Drainage (machine)

Lymphatic drainage helps to increase metabolism, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, alleviate body aches and fatigue, and reduce fluid retention. Start with a therapeutic Swiss shower to warm and prepare the body for the treatment. We use high-quality body care products that contain lavender, sage and rosemary which help to detoxify, heal, and increase circulation. The finish has either a nourishing or firming focus depending on your skin’s needs.
60 minutes   $175

Alternative Therapies


Techiniques applied to the reflex zones of the feet to help release energy blockages, improve circulation and promote all over healing.
30 minutes   $85

Salt Cave*

Experience the benefits of halotherapy, or dry salt therapy, in the comfort of our beautifully appointed Salt Cave. The walls of the cave are created with pure Himalayan Salt stones and softly lit to enhance their beauty. Regulating air flow, humidity and temperature of the room causes the water from the air to be absorbed and release negative ions from the salt. This creates a negative ion environment which is what we experience at a beach, waterfall or in the mountains. These ions may have a positive effect on mood and energy.

Our Salt Cave is equipped with a halogenerator which heats, crushes, and disperses micro-particles of the salt into the air. When you breathe in the air, the salt absorbs allergens, toxins and foreign substances through out the respiratory tract to cleanse and detoxify. The natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of the salt may help reduce stress, provide relief for sinus and respiratory ailments such as allergies or colds and may help improve skin conditions.

Note: If you have any questions or concerns regarding your medical conditions and halo-therapy sessions, we recommend that you consult with your physician before booking an appointment in the Salt Cave. Halotherapy sessions are not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

45 minutes   $45
Series pricing available - Purchase 5, get 6 sessions

*Earn a complimentary session when you receive $350 or more in Spa services. (Subject to availability. Must be received the same day as services. Sessions cannot be carried to another day and are non-transferable.)

Flotation Pod

Floatation therapy creates a weightless environment which allows the body to completely relax while floating weightlessly on top of a saturated solution of Epsom salt and water. Floating allows the spine to decompress calming the nervous system, the muscular system to relax, improves circulation, promotes detoxification, and encourages overall relaxation in the body.

The quiet, sensory deprivation atmosphere of the pod allows one to escape stresses we are exposed to daily by constant stimuli.This state of relaxation decreases the production of cortisone, a stress hormone, leaving us feeling refreshed and serene after the float. The brain enters an elusive theta brain-wave state, associated with deep sleep and dreaming. Sensory deprivation can help to balance the brain’s function and create a sense of harmony, balance and clear-headedness.

30 minutes   $65
60 minutes   $115
Series pricing available - Purchase 5, get 6 sessions

Sunless Tanning

Just Tan

A tanning-only treatment with our revolutionary sunless tanning system. The customized, mist application and air blow dry technology leave you bronzed and immediately ready to re-dress. No streaks or spatters.

For best results: Arrive for the service exfoliated, showered, shaved with NO lotion/oil, perfume or deodorant on. Wear loose dark clothing. Avoid showering or activities causing heavy perspiration for 8 hours following the session for maximum color development.
15 minutes   $48


G2O Signature Facial

Our most complete and personalized aromatherapy facial includes the works: a complete skin analysis; an exfoliation customized for your skin type; lymphatic drainage to improve circulation and detoxify the skin; extractions to remove impurities; facial massage to relax and a mask targeted specifically for you to finish this treatment. This facial is the best option for first time clients and for those needing extractions.
90 minutes   $195

Age Defying Facial

Our Age Defying Facial includes a double deep exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, acupressure, massage including energy balancing techniques, an exclusive super-potent biocellulose face mask and plenty of aromatherapy. Our products contain primarily natural ingredients such as avocado and grapeseed oils, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A and red algae, all of which address anti-aging concerns like firmness, discoloration, brightness and wrinkles.
90 minutes   $195

Microdermabrasion Facial

Let your skin glow! This facial guarantees serious physical exfoliation by using crystals to remove dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, age spots, pigmentation imbalances and sun damage.
90 minutes   $205

Facial Essential

A condensed version of our premier Signature Facial using skincare products customized exclusively for you.
60 minutes   $155

Sports Facial

Our Sports Facial is tailored to specific skincare needs of thicker skin. Our products are formulated to work therapeutically to create a purifying and anti-aging, hydrating treatment. Also included is a stress relieving massage designed for total relaxation.
60 minutes   $155

Back Facial

This treatment addresses acne concerns and removes impurities from the back and upper shoulders. A great way to address those hard to reach areas. Our products are formulated specifically to encourage skin self-repair and will result in supple, nourished, purified and hydrated skin.
45 minutes   $155

Facial Add-Ons

Dermaplaning   $65
LED Light Treatment   $95
Eye Treatment   $45
Glycolic Treatment   $50
Foot Treatment   $30
Scalp Massage   $25
Lymphatic Drainage   $45


This service is a simple and safe exfoliating treatment for the face that gently removes dead surface debris and peach fuzz, for instant smoother, softer skin. This exfoliation is non-invasive with minimal side effects and downtime, and is suitable for most skin types. A great choice for a lunchtime service, or, pre-event when combined with a HydraFacial. *For FIRST TIME DERMAPLANING CLIENTS, the contraindications for this service include: no Retin A or retinol products used one week prior, active acne, active infection of any type such as herpes simplex or flat warts, raised lesions or moles, and no chemical peels two weeks prior.
Full Face   90


HydraFacial’s Vortex-Fusion technology addresses the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity, and firmness, even tone and vibrancy, skin texture, brown spots, oily and congested skin and enlarged pores. This all-in-one treatment thoroughly cleanses; gently peels, painlessly extracts; intensely hydrates; fuses and protects the skin with antioxidants and peptides. Discover the science behind this treatment by clicking here.

Signature Treatment

This treatment is recommended for those on a tight time schedule. Perfect lunchtime treatment!
30 minutes   $195

Age Refinement Treatment

Smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhances skin elasticity.
60 Minutes   $265

Brightening Treatment

Brightens and balances skin tone while minimizing the appearance of dark spots and sunspots.
60 Minutes   $265

Calming Redness Treatment

Reduces redness while it also calms and soothes the skin.
60 Minutes   $265

Clarifying Treatment

Extended extractions and Blue LED Light for oily or congested skin.
60 Minutes   $265

Hydrating Plus Treatment

Enhances hydration while it smooths fine lines and leaves the skin looking radiant.
60 Minutes   $265

Toning & Elasticity Treatment

Naturally derived growth factors improve skin health and vitality by bringing skin to a more youthful state.
60 Minutes   $295

Vitamin C Treatment

Our Signature Treatment enhanced with a vitamin C mask for extra skin tightening and firming.
45 Minutes   $235

Upper Back Treatment

Our Signature Treatment for the upper back.
30 Minutes   $195

Full Back Treatment

Our Signature Treatment for the full back.
60 Minutes   $345

Add on Neck and Décolleté   $100

Skinceuticals Corrective

Skinceuticals Correctives start with a skin analysis to determine the skin’s particular needs. We customize your service based on your skin type and concerns. We offer services for brightening, clarifying, rejuvenating or soothing. Each 30-minute treatment includes an exfoliation to remove dead, dry skin cells, followed by a customized mask application and finishes with just the boost your skin needs to reveal your healthy skin. These are a perfect alternative to schedule in between your regular facials or when you are short on time. For those who desire a more traditional facial, the 60-minute services include extractions, facial massage and hand treatment. In all, your skin will be strengthened, feel softer and look healthier for a more vibrant you!

Brightening, Clarifying, Rejuvenating, or Soothing
Treatment (30 minutes)   $125/$325 series of 3
Treatment (60 minutes)   $165/$435 series of 3
Treatment with LED Light (50 minutes)   $195
Treatment with LED Light (80 minutes)   $225

Advanced Technology Treatments

LED Light Treatment

Our LED Light treatment is non-invasive and totally natural using light from the visible spectrum, similar to sunlight but without the harmful UV rays. Our skin absorbs the LED light and uses it to stimulate cellular regeneration to produce collagen and elastin for an anti-aging focus. The use of LED light targets common skin problems such as acne, redness and uneven pigmentation; and helps to improve the appearance of the skin. OK for pregnancy.
45 minutes   $185

LED Lift Treatment (LED and microcurrent)

You get two for one in this treatment! The microcurrent technology tones the muscles just like “yoga for the face” and the LED Light softens wrinkles; reduces pore size; and improves skin texture. The simultaneous use of these two technologies combines for an overall skin rejuvenation treatment. At the finish, ultrasound technology helps to enhance the penetration of product and increase product effectiveness.
60 minutes   $205

Non-Surgical Facelift (microcurrent)

This treatment provides a true, non-surgical facial rejuvenation! Our device uses five simultaneous technologies, including microcurrent and ultrasound, for transdermal delivery and provides the optimum treatment in a fraction of the time. Delivers outstanding results: tones and lifts the skin and muscles of the face and clearly redefines the facial contour. A series of these corrective treatments will take years off the appearance of your skin and will leave you with firmer, younger looking skin and fewer fine lines and wrinkles.
60 minutes   $205

Express Microdermabrasion

If you don’t have time for our Microdermabrasion Facial, this is the perfect treatment to schedule. A serious physical exfoliation for a healthy glow which uses crystals to remove dead skin cells. Dead cells are lifted up and away revealing a more radiant skin!
30 minutes   $155

Lash + Brow

Eyelash Tinting

We use a safe, effective vegetable-based dye that instantly adds definition. Great option for those with a busy lifestyle or those that want a more finished look without mascara. The results will last up to one month with proper care. Safe for everyone including expectant moms! Contact wearers need to remove contacts. Enjoy a care-free, polished look 24/7!
30 minutes   $50

Brow Tinting

We use a safe, effective vegetable-based dye that instantly adds definition. Great option for those with a busy lifestyle or those that want a more finished look without a brow pencil. The results will last up to one month with proper care. Safe for everyone including expectant moms! Contact wearers need to remove contacts. Enjoy a care-free, polished look 24/7!
15 minutes   $40

Lash Lift

This service uses a curling solution to perm your lashes. You get the lift and curl of extensions while keeping your natural lashes damage free. A great alternative to lash extensions, plus no special after care required. For a well-maintained look, we recommend scheduling every 6 – 8 weeks.

Add ons:
Glaze (Semi-perm color) $30
Plump (Volume) $30
Plump and Glaze $50
60 Minutes   $95

Brow Lamination

This service uses a solution to keep your eyebrows shaped and sculpted. Great for filling gaps, adding definition, and giving the illusion of a more defined eyebrow. Recommended for anyone with sparse eyebrows or eyebrows that are thick, coarse, and unruly.
Brow Lamination 45 Minutes   $85
Brow Lamination + Tint 60 Minutes   $115

Hair Removal


Eyebrow Tweezing   35


Eyebrow   $30
Lip or Chin   $20
Sideburns   $20
Full Face   $60
Full Arm   $55
Half Arm   $40
Hand   $25
Neck   $25
Chest   $60
Back   $75
Underarm   $30
Abdomen   $25
Bikini   $45
High Line Bikini   $65
Brazilian Bikini   $95
Full Leg   $85
Half Leg   $55
Foot   $35
Full Leg with Bikini   $115
Half Leg with Bikini   $85


Eyebrow Threading   $25
Lip or Chin Threading   $20
Full Face Threading   $60
Sideburn Threading   $20



Our Classic services include trimming or filing of nails,cuticle maintenance, buff, massage and application of polish.
Manicure (35 minutes)   $30
French Manicure (45 minutes)   $35
Pedicure (50 minutes)   $65
French Pedicure (60 minutes)   $70


Our Sports services include trimming or filing of nails,cuticle maintenance, massage and a buff finish.
Manicure (35 minutes)   $30
Pedicure (50 minutes)   $65

CBD Manicure

Elevate your manicure experience with our exclusive CBD manicure! After nail and cuticle grooming, a CBD scrub exfoliates the skin followed by a CBD paraffin treatment for softening the skin; and a hand massage with hemp-infused lotion for relaxation. A polish application finishes this service. Our CBD Manicure is highly recommended for anyone with hand/joint pain, arthritic conditions in the hand, or over-worked hands. This service uses our newest line, Revive Hemp.
50 minutes   $75

CBD Pedicure

Ease your feet into an aromatic foot soak containing activated hemp extract, to help promote relaxation. This service includes a lower leg and foot exfoliation using a CBD scrub that leaves your skin calm and soft, followed by a CBD paraffin treatment for softening the skin; nail and cuticle grooming; and a 15-minute foot and leg massage with CBD hemp-infused lotion to restore skin’s natural balance for supremely radiant, healthy skin. A polish application finishes this service. Our exclusive CBD Pedicure is a great choice for runners, athletes, those who are on their feet for prolonged periods of time, and those with foot pain or discomfort. This service uses our newest line, Revive Hemp.
90 minutes   $105


Our Deluxe services include trimming or filing of nails,cuticle maintenance, buff, massage and application of polish, as well as a hydrating mask and paraffin for softening the skin.
Manicure (50 minutes)   $65
French Manicure (60 minutes)   $70
Pedicure (80 minutes)   $95
French Pedicure (90 minutes)   $100

OPI Gel Polish

Our OPI Gel Polish services include trimming or filing of nails, cuticle maintenance, buff, massage and application of OPI Gel Color polish.
Manicure (50 minutes)   $55
Manicure including removal (60 minutes)   $70
French Manicure (65 minutes)   $65
French Manicure including removal 70 minutes   $80
Pedicure (90 minutes)   $115
Pedicure including removal (105 minutes)   $130
French Pedicure (105 minutes)   $125
French Pedicure including removal (120 minutes)   $140
Removal only (15 minutes)   $15

OPI Gel Polish Dry Manicure

Our popular OPI Gel Polish Manicure combined with a dry manicure technique. Rather than a manual cuticle trimming, this manicure includes cleaning the cuticles with an electronic file to remove dead skin; and using scissors or nippers to ensure that the cuticle is removed. Your cuticles will be perfectly smooth! (offered by Luba only)
Hands (75 minutes)   $65

CBD Manicure

50 Minutes   $75

Polish Change

Hands (15 minutes)   $20
French Hands (15 minutes)   $25
Feet (30 minutes)   $45
French Feet (30 minutes)   $50

Nail Add-Ons

Paraffin   $15
Extra Massage   $15
Nail Fix   $5 per nail
Glitter Nail Art   $10
Rhinestone Nail Art   $2 and up per nail
Hand Painted Nail Art   $10 and up per nail

Hair Cuts

Hair Cut and Style

Pricing may vary depending on the level of stylist
Hair Cut   $55-$175
Bang Trim   $20
Clean Up   $20

DevaCurl Haircut

DevaCurl is a revolutionary system that allows you to embrace your natural curly hair. Our certified DevaCurl stylists will educate you on styling your hair using the Deva 3 step system: to cleanse, hydrate and define curls. Also, DevaCurl stylists specialize in cutting curls using an innovative technique - a truly customized shape is achieved by first cutting the hair dry and in its natural state, followed by washing and setting. The finished look is finalized by refining and detailing the shape.
above the shoulders   $85-$125
below the shoulder   $95-$155

Color Services

Goldwell and L’Oreal Professional Hair Color:
Semi-Permanent, Demi-Permanent and Permanent color options available. Subtle variations of tone, perfect condition and natural depth – all carefully matched to your skin tone and personality. We carry multiple hues with advanced application techniques to achieve your unique palette.

No Ammonia Haircolor options:
INOA is a revolutionary oil-based, ammonia-free color with no odor, infinite haircolor power and reinforced coverage of up to 100% white hair.

Creative Color:
Pulp Riot and Elumen are wearable creative color lines. We carry Neon Shades, pastel shades, and vibrant Crayola shades. These shades are more vibrant, last longer and fade on tone for beautiful creative color combinations.
Consultation Single Process   No charge
Single Process   From $65
Color Glossing   From $50
Men's Grey Blending   From $35
Quarter Foil   $55-$120
Partial Foil   $80-$200
Full Foil   $100-$245


How it works:Balayage is an advanced coloring technique used to create sun-kissed, natural-looking highlights or creative placement. It is the action in which hair color is swept or painted on to the hair to create depth and dimension.
Ideal For:Balayage can enhance almost any haircut, length or texture. Balayage is the in-salon color service choice among the most discerning clients – celebrities, models and fashionistas.
Need to know:Balayage hair painting isn’t just for Blondes! It is perfect for brunettes that want a subtle, sun-kissed look, for creative shades and even rainbow fantasy shades.
Full Balayage   From $145
Partial Balayage   From $130
Face Frame Balayage   From $110

The following color prices are quoted by consultation:

Platinum/ Double Process  
Creative Tones  


Shampoo Blow Dry

Add Iron Styling   $30

Silk Press Blowdry

Double Flat Iron Process with curl and press that delivers the same silky effect on “natural” hair without heat damage. Hair will feel lighter, full of body and movement while exuding a healthy shine. Best for thick, course or unmanageable hair.

Spa Blowdry

Shampoo, customized treatment and blowdry style

Styling Lesson

Personalized styling instruction, styling video (bring smart phone/IPad to session)
60 minutes   $65-$90

DevaCurl Set

DevaCurl set is a customized curl wash and set service using all Deva Curl products and tools. The service will transform your curls creating hydrated and defined curls. Your Deva certified stylist will shape and style your curls plus teach you the fundamentals of daily curl care. This service is great for those who want to embrace their curls.

Special Occasion

Bride   Based on Consultation
Bridal Trial   From $150 (60 Minutes)
Formal Styling/Up do   $125-$150

Hair Extensions

Certified in: Great Lengths, HairUWear, Extensiology, Socap

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Method

How it works:This cold application technology softens the bond via ultrasound wave technology instead of the traditional thermal method, giving the stylist more application options. The Ultrasonic Cold Fusion method allows for “flat” bond formation, providing seamless color placement and more natural blending results with your own hair.
Ideal For: Best to add volume, add length on fine to normal hair.
Application Time: 2-6 Hours
Need to Know:Consultation Required; customized design and creative color options available
2-6 hours   Priced upon consultation

SO.CAP. USA Hair Extensions

How it works:Strand-by-Strand keratin-tipped and thermal bonded application and is offered in more than 90 colors. Our stylists can customize Ombre shades and Fantasy colors which can fit everyone’s needs and style. SO.CAP. hair comes in three different textures: straight, wavy and curly and three different lengths.
Ideal For:Best to add volume, add length on fine to normal hair
Application Time: 3-6 Hours
Need to Know:Consultation Required
3-6 hours   Priced upon consultation

Sewn-in Extensions

How it works: Remy hair extensions sewn strategically in desired pattern along braided hair. Results can last up to 2-3 months
Ideal For: Natural or textured hair looking for volume and length
Application Time: Determined during consultation
Need to know: Consultation Required
  Priced upon consultation

Tape Weft Extensions

How it works: Tape weft extensions are semi-permanent and very quick to apply Tape hair extensions are applied quickly and easily. The pre-taped weft of hair is typically sandwiched on either side of the natural hair. Results are seamless.
Ideal For: Length and density
Application Time: 30 Minutes-2 Hours
Need to know: Creative colors available; Consultation Required
30minutes-2 hours   Priced upon consultation

Clip-In Extensions

How it works:Hair Extensions can provide longer, thicker, more voluminous hair in minutes.
Ideal For:Looking for quick style change; great for travel and special occasions
Application Time: 15-30 Minutes Need to know:Quality hair and customizable for any occasion!
15-30 minutes   Priced upon consultation

Sew in Hair Extensions

Also known as “a weave”. Hair weave is sewn in to basic cornrows and comes with numerous look and style options. A great protective style for those would like less upkeep for their own hair or for those who want big voluptuous hair.
  From 120
Sew in Extension Removal   From 45

Box Braids

Beautiful square or triangle parted sections of added synthetic braid extensions at any desired length or size. Great for most occasions especially vacations that involve swimming.
  From 175

Micro Braids

Elegant small braids throughout the entire scalp with human hair extensions. Great for destination weddings and for everyday wear. Very little maintenance is needed.
  From 250

Goddess Braids (2 or more)

Also known as feed-in braids. Beautiful goddess jumbo braids with synthetic hair in a desired pattern throughout the scalp. This style is a more casual look.
  From 60
Braid Removal   From 70

Marley Twist

Two strand twist with Marley extensions with desired size or length throughout the entire scalp. A natural and beautiful look for all occasions
  From 160

Faux Locks

This is an imitation of locks (dreadlocks). It is a wrapping technique of synthetic hair around an individual braid leaving an illusion of locks. Great style to start the process for achieving locks.
  From 275

Locks (Dreadlocks)

Individual ringlets of hair throughout the entire scalp that are NOT combed, nor can be combed. This is a lifestyle/hair change. A beautiful natural look offering numerous look and style options for maintenance upkeep. This look is great for all occasions.
  From 275


A technique of crocheting desired hair onto basic cornrows. Crochet hair comes in many different styles or forms. This is a very low maintenance hairstyle and a great everyday look.
  From 120

Cornrows with extension

Cornrows with synthetic extension. Can be designed for elegant fashion or a more casual look. Easy maintenance style which offers various look options.
  From 80

Natural Hair

Wash and Set

Professional roller set with desire curl size, creating volume, bounce and shine, which suits most occasions
  From 55

Wash and Blowdry

Professional blow dry to loosen or straighten original hair curl pattern, leaving hair more manageable to style as desire.
  From 65

Silk Press

Professional blow dry to straighten hair followed by an iron press giving hair movement and shine leaving hair silky straight. Suits most occasions.
  From 85

Add-on Treatment

Customized based on the needs of the hair.

Scalp Treatment

Detoxify, soothe and balance a dry or oily scalp.

Single Plats

Individual natural braids throughout the entire scalp. More of a vacation style or good protective style for wig wearing. Great style to start locks.
  From 80

Double Twists

Two strand natural hair twist throughout the entire scalp. Great protective style to wear as is or for wig wearing. Great style to set under the dryer and loosen, leaving hair with a beautiful pattern of waves.
  From 85


Plaiting hair in a braid pattern along the scalp. There a many desired patterns or sizes to choose from giving a more casual look.
  From 40

Locks (Dreadlocks)

  from 150

Wash/Twist Locks

Maintenance and upkeep of pre-existing locks.
  From 85

Deva Haircut

Our DevaCurl stylists specialize in cutting curls using an innovative technique. A truly customized shape is achieved by first cutting the hair dry and in its natural state, followed by washing and setting. The finished look is finalized by refining and detailing the shape.
above the shoulders   $75-$125
below the shoulder   $85-$155

Hair Treatments

Scalp Balance Treatments

The scalp is where beautiful hair begins and addressing scalp is vital to keeping your scalp and hair in great condition. Rejuvenate your scalp and hair combating signs of scalp aging and oxidative stress.
Customized in-salon treatment   $35
Scalp Facial
includes home maintenance products and blowdry

Color Serums

Goldwell color serums are a post color treatment option that locks in color instantly and amplifies color luminosity. This weightless leave-in treatment works to ensure color durability and longevity.

Metal Removal Treatment

L’Oreal Professionel Color Prep and Post treatment.
When metals, from our water systems, inside the hair mix with oxidants from hair colors and lighteners, a negative chemical reaction is created which can lead to unreliable color results and hair breakage. The Metal Detox removes metal from the hair resulting in brighter and cleaner hair color.

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

Signature Moisture
Oribe’s crème de la crème deep-hydrating masque transforms even the driest, most over-it hair, leaving it supremely soft and irresistibly touchable. This deep treatment repairs, protects and is weightless. Signature Masque is paraben free, offers UV protection and is color safe.
Best for dry damaged hair.

Hydration Experience Designed to infuse hair with much-needed hydration leaving it soft, silky and manageable. This Moroccanoil hydration treatment drenches dry and damaged locks with moisturizing red algae, vitamins and antioxidant-rich argan oil. Great during winter months or in dry climates. Best for dry hair.

Instant hair transformation Fusio-Dose Hair Lab
Concentrated active ingredients freshly fuse to create a customized treatment for your specific hair needs. Capable of resolving all of your hair concerns, Fusio-Dose™ Hair Lab fundamentally treats your hair and immediately transforms for lasting results.
Signature Moisture
Masque   $35
Hydration Experience   $35
Instant hair transformation Fusio-Dose Hair Lab   $35



Short   From $115
Long   From $150

American Wave

How it works: Using an innovative, ionic waving lotion the American Wave product penetrates the hair shaft gently, without roughing the cuticle or making it swell. The ionic lotion reduces stress on tresses, creates a smoother cuticle, and makes hair fabulous and full. Instead of setting hair with hard tools, we combine soft tools with editorial techniques, so looks are fashion-forward, not frumpy.
Ideal for: Healthy fine hair, natural or slightly wavy hair looking for a semi-permanent creation of wave, curl, volume or added fullness to the hair.
Application Time: 3 Hours
Need to know: Best to create semi-permanent beach waves or loose waves; great before vacations for a low maintenance style
*Consultation Recommended; Includes Haircut
3 Hours   $275


How it works: NUWAVE is an incredible innovation in texture and shape change. The first Goldwell semi-permanent shape change service for effortless waves and smart control. NUWAVE is the perfect service to create any type of waves in the hair. Choose from one of three essential looks and air dry for a simple wash-and-wear look, or use hot tools to refine the waves created by the NUWAVE service.
Ideal for: Fine-normal hair, natural or slightly wavy hair looking for a semi-permanent shape change. Creation of wave, volume or added fullness to the hair.
Application Time: 1.5-2 hours
Need to know: It’s GENTLE. Nuwave technology is even suitable for damaged hair and/or lightened hair**
*Consultation recommended
Includes cut and style   $175/$200

Permanent Straightening (Consultation Required)

How it works: Using Agave thermal straightening system your hair will permanently retexturize and transform to straight hair.
Ideal For: Curly, frizzy, and challenging hair looking for sleek, shiny and smooth hair
Application time: 3-4 hours
Need to know: Consultation Required
3-4 Hours   Consultation Required


How it works: Hair relaxing treatment is a permanent process of rearranging the structure of extremely curly hair into a smooth straight form.
Ideal for: natural curly to extremely curly or coarse hair
Application Time: 1.5 hours
Need to know: Consultation Required; permanent results
Retouch Application   From $135
Virgin Application   From $150


Full Keratin Treatment

How it works: Keratin is a smoothing treatment designed to reduce frizz up to 95%, add shine and restore hair from chemical damage for a minimum of three months. The propriety formula is comprised of ceramides and keratin and is 100% formaldehyde and aldehyde free.
Ideal For: Frizzy dry medium to thick hair
Application Time: 3 Hours
Need to know: Lasts up to 3 months and recommend color services 1 week after treatment
Includes Take-home products with full keratin services
Hair above shoulder   From $335
Hair shoulder length & longer   From $500

Express Keratin Treatment

How it works: The keratin formula nourishes, repairs, and shields hair with unique a-Keratin Repair System™ that defends against the harmful effects of processing, heat styling, UV exposure, and daily styling.
Ideal For: All types of hair looking for smoothness, restoring hair’s youthfulness and frizz control
Application Time: 45min-1.5 hours
Need to know: Color services can be done on the same day! Formaldehyde-free, aldehyde-free, gas byproduct-free, and non-carcinogenic. **Designed for express application and easy processing without sacrificing high-quality results and ingredients.
Express Keratin Treatment with Blowdry above shoulders   $125
Express Keratin Treatment with Blowdry below shoulders   $150
Express Keratin Treatment with Haircut   From $190


Makeup Application

G2O is proud to feature Trish McEvoy cosmetics.
30 min   $65

Makeup Lesson

Makeup Application with Instruction
60 min   $85

Bridal Makeup

60 min   $115

Bridal Trial

60 min   $85

Bridal Party

30 min   $85

Makeup Add-on

False Lashes
15 min   $20

Private Salon Station

Call or text 617.262.2220 to book

A room designed to cater to those looking to relax and enjoy a luxurious salon experience in the comfort of their own privacy. Available by within usual salon hours and by appointment only, this private salon room has its own shampoo sink and styling station.
  $50 per hour on top of your regularly priced salon service.
did you know?
G2O now offers “Text-to-book”? Text us at 617.262.2220 to confirm or book appointments during regular business hours.
I'm so happy that Nadja was my stylist! 12 out of 10 perfect! Super nice, very hospitable, AND MY HAIR LOOKS AMAZING! I've given her business cards to several friends! I will definitely be back!
— Courtney C.
I always book massages and every therapist I've had (each time a different one) has been phenomenal. I remember having one done by Nicole several years ago and she was fantastic. My recent one was with Gidget and she was incredibly sweet and professional, even with the PPE protocols. She seemed happy that I was there too, which made me feel welcome. I'm really impressed with the talented, courteous crew at G2O. I've consistently received the BEST massages from there. Keep up the great work and hospitality! Glad you're open again.
— Jennifer M.
I was extremely impressed with the way G2O and the staff is managing the new Covid 19 safety requirements. I have been extremely cautious and reluctant to venture out and I felt 100% safe at G2O. You guys are the best! I also need to give Amy Cox special recognition for her professionalism, ability to change style direction when I inquire, and for making me feel taken care of with every visit.
— Julie I.
My manicure and pedicure with Stephanie exceeded my expectations—as usual! She is an expert technician and a lovely person. I also enjoyed a phenomenal facial with Veronica, who is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and leaves my skin looking like it belongs on a magazine cover!
— Rose Ellen M.
G20 has taken their employees and customers safety into account as they re-opened. I have been going to Darren for many years, followed him to each new salon. He is great, listens to his clients, and does a fantastic job with highlights and styling. I am very happy with G2O and extremely satisfied with any service that I get from Darren.
— Linda M.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend G20 to anyone. Tiffany is excellent! Also, I appreciate all you have done to keep us clients safe during COVID. It means a lot.
— Angela T.