The purifying concentrate with essential oils and plant extracts.

An unfailing ally to skin prone to impurities, rich in essential oils and botanical extracts, this alcohol-free concentrate is suitable and performs at all ages. With an astonishing purifying power, it quickly helps provide your skin with a clear and healthy complexion.

Breakouts disappear, and inflammations are soothed. The skin is purified and healed.

Emulsion Pure

The Yon-Ka Quintessence concentrate, purifying and regenerating.

This opalescent, non-oily, alcohol-free fluid is a concentrate of purifying and repairing essential oils. Incomparably effective against impurities and their unsightly consequences, it regenerates and purifies the skin.

Breakouts disappear, the skin is fresh, purified and healed.

Creme 15

The purifying cream for teenagers and post-teens.

Rich in purifying plant extracts, this fast-absorbing beauty cream is recommended for skins prone to impurities. It balances, soothes and purifies the skin.

Your skin is purified, softened and balanced.

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